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Use of Paliperidone Palmitate in Acute Units: post-hoc analysis of the SHADOW study according to previous antipsychotic treatment

Autor/autores: Manuel Serrano , Eduard Parellada, Miquel Bioque , Begoña Nebot, Marta García Dorado
Fecha Publicación: 26/07/2017
Área temática: Tratamientos .

Manuel Serrano , Eduard Parellada , Miquel Bioque , Begoña Nebot , Berta Herrera , Marta García Dorado

(1) (2) Hospital Marítimo de Oza, A Coruña, Unitat d'Esquizofrènia Clínic, Hospital Clí


The use of long-acting treatments (LATs) in acute units has been increasing recently partly because of the availability of new second-generation LATs with rapid onset of (1) action . It is also important to increase knowledge on how these treatments behave within a real world setting, in which a diverse patient population is found.

Palabras clave: Paliperidone, Palmitate


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