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Mejoría de la sintomatología depresiva en personas mayores gracias al programa universitario de “Las aulas de la experiencia” de la Universidad del País Vasco.


Autor/autores: Naiara Ozamiz Etxebarria , Javier Escobar, Miguel Gugierrez, Miren Agurtzane
Fecha Publicación: 25/07/2018
Área temática: Salud mental .

Universidad del País Vasco


Background and Objectives:

The global population is ageing and Europe has the largest proportion of population aged 60 years and over. Different studies demonstrate the importance of social networks and social inclusion in the welfare of the elderly. For this reason there is an urgent need to create more resources for older people

The aim of the study was to assess psychological status in a group of students participating in a university-based program for retired/older people. The working hypothesis was that participation in the program would have a positive impact on anxiety and depression symptoms.


45 individuals attending a program for retired/older people at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao, Spain, were assessed prior to and following seven months of participation in the University-based curriculum with the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI). Socio-demographic data were also collected. Changes from time one to time two evaluations in total and factor scores for key dimensions of the BSI were analysed using T tests and multifactorial analyses with particular focus on anxiety and depressive symptoms.


A positive change following participation in the program was observed in most dimensions of the BSI, particularly in measures of anxiety and depressive symptoms.


The provision of special university-based programs for elders/retired people may lead to positive outcomes in psychological status.


Palabras clave: healthy ageing; resilience; psychology; wellbeing; education


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